Sew-Bots versus Seamstresses

The backbone behind the clothing industry in this country is sewing. Without it, the best retailers would have nothing of quality to sell. At Lakeshore Sewing, we believe in the joys of sewing, embroidery, and the textile arts, which is why we offer classes and supplies to spread the job. Such passion has made us Western Michigan’s home for all things sewing. Let us look at a specific example.

When you think of a new, iconic American retailer that sells clothing, what do you think of? If you are of a certain age or have kids who pride themselves on being trendy, chances are American Apparel jumps to the forefront of your mind. It has been a staple at malls for the last decade or so, dictating what is stylish and what is not, riding the wave of Millennials and Generation Y. However, as it typically goes, style preferences among young consumers have rapidly changed, not to mention their spending habits.

The one thing that is commendable about American Apparel is that they continue to produce what they sell in the US. However, that might not be the key to their survival. According to Leslie Stoel of The Conversation, “As someone who studies fashion retailers, American Apparel will need to either move production offshore or automate production – perhaps even use cutting-edge robotics – if it ever hopes to prosper again.”

The cutting-edge robotics Stoel is referring to are sew-bots, “Robotics with complex sensors […] that will decrease the need for manual labor. One disadvantage of this new technology is that it will reduce the number of sewing jobs.”

Two Young Girls Wearing Beanies Reducing the number of sewing jobs means putting tailors out of work and that’s not a good thing. Everything in this life, especially the clothes that we wear, needs a human touch. Sure, the sew-bots will require those with more advanced technical skills, people who can maintain the sew-bot machinery, but there will always be something missing when you don’t have a tailor’s touch. A sew-bot will never possess the passion and knowledge that a tailor has regarding sewing and embroidery crafts. This passion is something we cultivate at Lakeshore Sewing, as our classes are tailored for students of all skill levels, on a variety of topics.

If you are interested in taking a class or two, contact us today. Remember that you are not a sew-bot, but we are curious: How do you feel about sew-bots? Would American Apparel be making the right move if they started relying on sew-bots?


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