This Holiday Season, Experience the Magic of Sewing

Sewing is magical. If you practice sewing as a hobby or as a trade, you know the special power that sewing has. If you are unfamiliar with the practice, you might not be familiar with the strength of sewing, but you should be, because it is in the best interest of your health. You see, sewing can help you achieve transcendence. Well, maybe we are being a little overzealous, but sewing will definitely make you a better person and help you see the bigger picture, as we talked about in our previous blog post. Some artists, however, are taking that to the next level and one particular artist used sewing to create a complete spectrum of visible color.

According to Gizmodo, The artist is Gabriel Dawe, a Dallas-based, Mexico City-born artist who has perfected the art of large-scale sewing. He has made more than a dozen installations using only thread. Here is the cool thing about these installations: each of them uses every color in the visible spectrum and the results are spectacular, “a twisting rainbow of color.” Dawe’s art helps understand the beauty of the world around us, the universe that is often hidden from us, and he does it all through sewing. In his words, “They’re basically these architectural structures made with the core material of clothing.” For Dawe, the act of sewing is a way to bring together all the beauty in the world in an explosion of color that is both calming and delirious.

A Swirl of Colors While many of you who follow this blog and rely on Lakeshore Sewing for all of your sewing needs recognize the importance and joy of sewing, a bunch of you may not quite recognize the power that sewing truly has. The act of using thread has taken on significant meaning in Dawe’s life. In an essay published on his website, he writes,

My growing up in Mexico, where machismo is ingrained in the very structure of society, led to many frustrations as a boy, one that looked up to his older sister—a sister who was privy to certain activities that were a definite no-no for boys. One particular activity was embroidery. Eventually, I grew out of that frustration, but the memory of it led me to explore this technique as an adult, and in doing so, to question the many social constructs that we sometimes presume to be permanent, rigid and inflexible.

Wow! That is truly an amazing story. Most of us who enjoy sewing or embroidery can recall a moment in childhood where a memory of this timeless activity burns the brightest, but how many of us have taken that moment and used it as a foundation for the way we approach life and art? Looking at Dawe’s art, you really come face-to-face with the magic that is sewing. The act of sewing can open up new doors and although you might not be sewing together a twisting rainbow of color, you can still experience a certain magic and at Lakeshore Sewing, we want to help you up conjure up something special.


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