This Holiday Season, What Are You Thankful For?

This time of the year, every American from coast to coast thinks of what he or she is thankful for. That makes sense given the holidays, but do you really dwell on it? Are you constantly asking yourself, “What am I thankful for?”

At Lakeshore Sewing, we of course are thankful for great sewing machines, fun classes, and nice people. After all, that is our motto/slogan and we always stand by it. We also think it’s important to give thanks to all the people helping to make sewing as popular as ever. According to Patti Gilstrap, an owner of a clothing store in Brooklyn and also a sewing teacher, “Students don’t want to reproduce something from Target or Walmart. They want to make something that is unique to them.”

That might be the most beneficial part about sewing, the ability to extract your own personal uniqueness and apply it to the world around you, and is a huge contributing factor to the surge in the popularity of sewing. Gilstrap is doing good work in NYC. In another part of the country, Joyce Schroder, the Ohio University Extension master clothing for Hancock County is doing her part to maintain the momentum of sewing.

Schroder works with young 4-H members, teaching them the basic skills of sewing machine operation. According to Jeannie Wiley Wolf of The Courier, “She [Joyce] believes sewing is an important skill that can be useful throughout life.” At Lakeshore Sewing, we could not agree more! Learning the fundamentals of sewing provides us with a solid foundation to tackle any of life’s problems in unique (there’s that word again, unique) and innovative ways, because sewing opens up a world of possibilities for us and our children; it helps us see the bigger picture and that picture is colored in with uniqueness. Being able to see that big picture requires interest on the part of the would-be sewer.

Schroder says, “What we’re trying to do is get them interested in sewing, then maybe next year they’ll take a sewing project. If I can get just one of them interested in sewing a year, it’s worth it.”

Yes, like any movement, you have to start small, converting one or two, but if there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Schroders out there then you will have much more than just one person interested in sewing. It is always good to spread the joy of sewing to people of all ages, but especially young children. That is exactly what Lakeshore Sewing does in Western Michigan. Sewing, quilting, embroidery, serging – all of these categories are thriving right now. At Lakeshore Sewing alone, we have 20- and 30-somethings signing up regularly!

As our website states, “We aim to build a fun, creative environment for our friends and neighbors to come in and explore the joys of this enriching hobby,” and at the end of the day, isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Spreading and exploring the joys of something you love?


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