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Sewing Services & Machine Maintenance

Lakeshore Sewing of Western Michigan is your singular destination for all things sewing, quilting, and embroidery. From the largest selection of threads, supplies, and patterns, to the finest quality sewing and embroidery machines backed by the support of our highly skilled, authorized maintenance staff to keep your machine operating at peak performance. Whether you are operating a commercial or personal machine, maintaining your equipment is essential, and Lakeshore Sewing is here to ensure the finest quality stitch every time.

We carry the most reliable machines in the industry, from Husqvarna, to Singer, Babylock, and Bernina. Whether your machine sees daily use, or just the occasional project, keeping your device clean and lubricated is essential for the reliability and longevity of your machine, and Lakeshore Sewing’s expert services are available at any of our three locations.

Maintenance tips:
  1. Even if you don’t use your sewing machine on a regular basis that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep it maintained. Self lubricating machines need to be run at least once a month to keep things lubricated.
  2. If you have a machine that is updatable, be sure to always have the latest update. It will not only keep your machine in good running order but it may give you some new stitches or special features.
  3. Never use your mouth to blow into your sewing machine to clear out fuzz. The moisture from your mouth is not good for the components. Use canned air or an appropriate duster or brush.